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Meet Darrell Dye

Darrell Dye is a co-owner and Chief Instructor of Dakota Plains Firearms Training. Darrell's background and experience is retired military member, a professional police officer in Colorado and a certified NRA Firearms instructor, as well as many other credentials. These credentials give Darrell the tools that are needed to assist you in the use of firearms.


Darrell is also an accomplished Cowboy Mounted Shooter. Along with his wife Susan they travel to many of the competitions across Colorado and Wyoming. They also have their own Cowboy Sports Association affiliate club. Darrell has brought new shooters to the sport through introductory clinics.

Darrell's Credentials


Retired military with 20 years experience

      10 Years - Military Law Enforcement

      10 Years - Special Agent - Air Force Special Investigation

      Top Secret Special access required programs

      Fraud Investigations

      Chief Narcotics Unit

      Chief Anti-Terrorism Unit

      Numerous Terrorism Investigations

      More than 150 protective service operations

      Under cover counter-intelligence operations


21 years Colorado Law Enforcement Office

      Patrol Officer

      Gang Detective

      Motorcycle Officer

      School Resource Officer

      District Attorney Investigator

      Program Manager Juvenile / Adult Diversion


Certified NRA Instructor -- Current


Certified Colorado Police Officer Standardized Training (POST) Handgun Instructor -- Current

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